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NTV is a Scam, they are Desperate and Going Down!

by info

Posted on Friday, March 16, 2012 12:29 AM

NTV has proved to be the champion of scams on TV, its unbelievable and unimaginable that its management approves these things to go on screen and defraud Kenyans millions of Shillings daily.  You see the screen shot below (taken on 16 March 2012), its a live programme running on NTV where you are supposed to spot the difference between 2 pictures and WIN the cash displayed. NTV Scam

A closer look at the picture and the difference is obvious, the upper tree is smaller than the one below, or in their words 'the trees are different'.

Well, I watched that picture stay on screen for over 30 minutes, with a lady beckoning NTV fans to call the number displayed and say the difference or SMS 'M' to the number (how does that answer anyway?).  Initially the prize was Kes 10,000, and it went up by 10,000 twice as a way of 'encouraging you to try harder'.

Pick up the phone and call and give me the one difference between the 2 images of girrafes going for a tree. I admit, its my mistake, I pressed the wrong button, its a difficult one, am also trying to get what the difference is, we are in this together. I will put it on full screen so that you can see better, zoom in, zoom out, try again.

Those are the words of the host, for over 45 minutes. Does anybody else think she is very boring and lacks even a shade of creativity? Everytime you call, an IVR response (computer voice) tells you to try again without giving you a chance to say a thing, at this point, check your airtime balance and you realize you just spend 60 shillings, the same amount you will lose if you send an SMS to the number. There is a notification on screen that every SMS is charged Kes 60, but nothing is said about the call.

After I watched it and decided to see how it ends, towards the last 5 minutes, there is a countdown timer onscreen to make your blood rush if you haven't tried to answer. Only when the counter times off  does she pick a call and only one person wins.

This is obviously not sustainable since the word is going to spread and spread fast. Please join this campain and share a link of this article with your friends.

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