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When Gor Mahia Lost the Cup and Their Minds

by maria

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 01:49 PM

Last Weekend was very disappointing for  Gor Mahia fans, when the long awaited victory at the Tusker premier league did not bear any fruits. They lost it to the brewers in one of the most watched matches held at the City Stadium.

Gor mahia is Known to have the largest fan base in Kenya, or rather the loudest, either someone is a Gor mahia fan, or he doesn't care about local football. Of course AFC leopards a.k.a Ingwe has a huge fan base too but mostly drawn from Western Kenya. The other clubs hardly have any permanent fans if I may say so.

So what happened when Gor Mahia lost the cup by finishing in a Draw with some Thika boys, the fans caused a mayhem in Jogoo road which later extended into the city centre as the fans who are generally known to have emotional and anger management issues marched creating fires and at one point breaking the windscreens of a few vehicles.

The Kenya Football Association has asked Gor Mahia to formally apologise to Kenyans though the club's management distanced itself from the incidents. This was not the first time Gor Mahia fans have misbehaved, earlier in the year, they lost a match to Ingwe and made it a very big deal by hurling stones to AFC leopards fans, an incident which left 3 Ingwe fans dead.

Whenever such incidents arise, people flock to social media where 'hate speech' is evident as non-gor mahia fans blame Raila, the prime minister who is also a core supporter of the club, and voe that he will never be president. These scenes paint a very bad picture to the supporters who are seen to lack composure.

So far  there are no plans to ban Gor mahia fans from attending their games or any other permanent solution. Some have suggested that all Gor mahia games be held in Kisumu and other minor towns to avoid giving the rowdy fans an opportunity to flock the city centre and inconvenience innocent Kenyans.

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