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How To Find Out If Your Handset is Genuine, Before CCK Finds You

by simon

Posted on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 09:36 AM

For the Kenyans out there wondering if they should replace their phones before the 30th September deadline, dont do it unless your phone's model is NOBIA or Samsvng, even then at least confirm with the CCK service, which is free by the way. I just confirmed that my 3 SIM Techno Trinity which I bought for a 'whooping' 5k and has 3 IMEI numbers is actually a genuine handset Manaufactured by Techno Trinity (Shenzhen) Co LTD. That is to say not every chinese manufactured phone is a counterfeit.  

To find out if your handset is genuine;

1. Dial *#06# to establish your handset’s IMEI. Copy the 15-digit number displayed on your screen.

2. Type the 15-digt number (IMEI) and SMS it to 1555. Once is enough to verify, otherwise you will be charged normal SMS rates if you send the fourth time.

3. If the IMEI is found in the GSMA database, you will receive a confirmation message showing the brand name, model number and manufacturer's name. If the number is different or not found in the GSMA database, then your mobile phone is not genuine.

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