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Archive: April 2011

If Jesus Lived Today

by simonndunda

Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 04:43 PM

... Or rather if Jesus lived today, it would be great, Imagine saying today 'God the son is in Palestine( or Israel)'. I would watch him on TV, am sure he would be in 'plenty' on CNN News and have a programme on Family TV. If i happen to go to Israel and meet him, there is a photo of Me and God the Son. I would take his phone number and email address. I would add him as my Facebook Friend, If we happen to be logged on facebook together, we will chat and crack a few jokes here and there.

Jesus is God and has power over Nature, Stopping Earthquakes, Tsunamis and droughts will just be a phone call away. With all those miracles happening, what heart is stubborn enough to still think there is no God, Heaven and Hell? Maybe we will all be saved righteous people.

Jesus will definitely have his own website and although he was born poor, am sure he will drive a good SUV or even a private Jet, not for the prestige but the convenience, the goal is to reach masses here.

We don't crucify people who heal the sick, feed the hungry and raise the dead and those that try to entertain that will be sent to the Hague. The west will issue a statement offering Jesus maximum security and threatening any 'Pilate' of making a misstep,the 'Barabbas' will be crucified. Jesus will remain with us.


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