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Archive: March 2011

University of Nairobi Students Riot

by simonndunda

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 10:21 PM

Today university of Nairobi students went to the streets to demonstrate against mmmmm..., Okay, may be not against anything. demonstrate about the disappearance of a fellow comrade.

The students mainly from Main campus caused a traffic jam on Uhuru highway and blocked state house road causing grief to motorists until the police intervined with tear gas and rungus smoothing traffic again.

Reports say the 5th year Electrical engineering student was last seen on 18th march, 2011 when he allegedly left his hostel cube to study in the JKML library in main campus, never to be seen again.

Insecurity in the university.

The rioting students cited insecurity in the university environment as the reason they were in the streets. The tunnel that links the two sections of Main campus (seperated by Uhuru highway) is ussually dark and isolated at night is notoriously insecure. Students are always advised to avoid it after 6 PM and instead cross at the Uhuru highway-University way roundabout. NTV cameras captured students burning tree branches in the middle of a major road, another student was captured demanding something (supposedly money) from passers-by.

Many people have questioned how reasonable it is to riot over such a matter. Yes, it is a matter that demands immediate attention from the university administration, but what does the common road user have to do with it. It is either the university administration is not quick enough to respond to students grievances and have created a communication gap, or the students are developing an affinity for the streets and media attention.

All in all, the missing student is a brother to a Kenyan, a son to Kenyan and a friend of Kenyans and his disappearance requires attention of the highest order. We hope that the mystery of his location shall be solved and he shall be of good health.

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